Non Life Insurance - Going abroad for foreign education? Ensure you have the right insurance deal

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Its that time of the year when students who are headed abroad for higher studies start their travel preparations. With a number of universities making insurance a must, students need to buy a policy in India. While the basic cover is generally of around $50,000, limits for accident and sickness are up to $500,000. A list of important covers that come bundled with travel insurance.

Medical expenses and accident cover

Medical facilities in most foreign countries are very costly. In such a situation, a cashless medical insurance is very useful. Even if the student is not able to inform his insurance company earlier, these bills can be reimbursed. Most of the insurance policies cover dental treatments, expenses of medical evacuation in case of emergencies and expatriation of mortal remains. Some plans also cover sports injuries, mental and nervous disorders, etc which can be caused due to reasons such as stress and pressure.

Personal liability 

A personal liability will be useful in case the student accidentally causes injury or harm to a person or property. But if the damage is caused voluntarily, then it is not covered.

Loss of personal belongings

If the baggage is misplaced in transit, the student will be forced to buy new books, clothes and other essential items. In such a case, the insurance will cover this additional expense. But to avail the insurance, the student will have to show adequate proof of what all was present in his belongings. If the passport is misplaced, the insurance will cover the charges for a new passport

Study interruption and bail bond

If the student is unable to continue with the course due to medical grounds, the insurance company will pay the rest of the fees. In addition to this, if the student gets arrested, then the bail amount is borne by the insurance company.

Source : ET back